About Angel Lee & Austin Niu

Welcome to visit our website, Our name is Ling Lee & Austin Niu, Our English name is Angel & Austin,  We came from China, Living in Canada for 6 years with my son, I’m very normal person just like thousands of thousands  people who come from everywhere in the world  immigrate to Canada, working hard for our living in Canada. However when we ‘re getting older, there are a lot of problems quite actually frustrated people and their family.

  • Have you ever felt you work long hours in your job or your business than have a long commute home?
  • Do you feel lack of job security?
  • Have you ever felt you don’t have quality time with your family?
  • That your saving and benefit might not last for your retirement?
  • Have you ever felt pressure and stress from your job?

When you look through my website, as what I am doing might possibly help you solve some of those problem.


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